Batteries for trolling motors

Trolling motors batteries

12 volt deep cycle marine batteryElectric trolling motors run on 12 volt marine batteries.  Depending on the model of trolling motor and how powerful it is, a series of batteries can be linked together to provide additional power to the trolling motor.  Two 12 volt marine batteries linked together offer 24 volts to the trolling motor and three batteries in a series provide 36 volts to the electric motor.

How many batteries will you need?  It depends on the trolling motor you have or intend to buy.  Large motors with more thrust will require two or three batteries to meet the 24 or 36 volt demand from the motor.  If you fish frequently and are in the boat for most of the day then you will want a 24 volt (2 battery) or larger trolling motor.  If you fish casually or for shorter periods of time, then a 12 volt (1 battery) trolling motor should work well so long as you have enough thrust for the weight and size of your boat.

Car batteries should not be used for a trolling motor.  A marine battery is different than a car battery in several ways.  First, a marine battery is designed for steady amount of current over a long period of time and a car battery is designed for short bursts of power.  Secondly, a deep cycle marine battery is designed to be fully discharged and fully recharged multiple times.  Whereas a car battery should never be fully discharged and will quickly ruin the battery if it is.

Marine battery caseIf your boat does not have a battery compartment or if you have a small boat or if you have a transom mounted trolling motor then a Battery Power Center keeps your trolling motor battery secure and safe.  The Power Center offers convenient external battery terminals where you may connect the trolling motor and charger without opening the box.  It also has its own breaker and battery meter.

deep cycle marine battery chargerThere are several ways to keep your trolling motor batteries charged and ready for the water.  A deep cycle marine battery charger keeps all of your batteries powered and charged for when you want to take your boat at.

portable deep cycle battery chargerIf you need power on the go, Minn Kota offers a portable battery charger that will keep you in the water longer.  With a total output of 5 amps, the portable marine battery charger is designed to optimize the charge of 12-volt batteries in your boat or on the go. It works without the risk of
over-charging or under-charging and prevents against short circuits and reverse

Solar panel maine trickle chargerIf you do not want to lug around a heavy battery and your batteries will be in the sun, then a solar panel battery charger should work well to slowly recharge your marine batteries.  Just direct the solar panel towards the sun and clip the alligator connectors to the battery or the battery power center.  A solar panel battery charger will maintain the charge on any 12-volt battery for clean, silent operation of various electronics and works great at the campsite.

The battery is the primary power source for any electric trolling motor.  Choosing the right battery and the supporing components will keep you in the water longer and will provide your trolling motor the juice to keep you moving.

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